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Asia Pacific Arts Festival
JULY 20-23 2018 (SINGAPORE)

About the Festival

Asia Pacific Arts Festival is one of the most attractive competitions in Singapore for diversified age from 6 to 80 years old. Participants are free to choose any genre of music and dance to perform. The participants come from many countries of Asia such as Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, China, Indonesia and Vietnam.
At the end of the competition, the participants will be certified with gold, silver, and bronze prizes which are examined by our reliable adjustors.


Though dance and music are intangible form of arts, it is still important in our daily lives for therapeutic and entertainment purposes. We want to provide a platform for art lovers to showcase their talents and show their love for dance and music during the competition and we hope that this festival can aspire them to be better artists. In addition, we want participants to contribute to the festival by performing but also learn from renowned trainers during our workshops and get to meet like-minded art lovers from other parts of the world. Through these workshops, we hope to build up their musicianship by interacting with other participants of all ages and developing communication skills.


Our event has been ongoing for 6 years in different regions. We always try to hold a balance between ensuring the sustainability of our event and subsidising poor students to pursue their music dreams. Take our upcoming APAF in Singapore for example, we are holding the festival in Resort World Sentosa to ensure sustainability of our festival and at Hwa Chong Cultural Centre Theatre for corporate social responsibility purposes.


This year, we are selling our APAF event tickets. All proceeds will be donated to Ballet Missionaries, a Nonprofit Organization that aims to help the poor children to "dance out of poverty". These children attend free dance lessons and receive free meals provided by the school. We hope that our small effort can help to bring smiles to these poor children and improve their quality of life in a small but meaningful way.

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